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Website Submission Guidelines

Anyone can submit a website to our directory; however there are a few guidelines to ensure the quality of content in our directory.

  • Your website must have a chat room or other form of user interaction. Chatting does not have to be the primary focus of your website.
  • If chat is not your website's primary feature, please submit the page of your site which will allow users to find your chatrooms quickly and easily. If we have trouble finding and navigating to your chatroom from the link you submit, your entry will probably be rejected.
  • You must have a well-organized website. Navigation must not be confusing or misleading.
  • Your website must be fully completed and launched. No "under construction" pages or links.
  • You should have your own domain (.com, .net, .org, etc). Most free webpage hosting solutions do not qualify. (Subdomains okay.)
  • Original content only. Multiple copies of websites without substantial original content are prohibited.
  • Limit one submission per domain. Do not submit multiple pages of the same site. Subsites hosted on subdomains are allowed if they each contain original content.
  • Explicit adult/XXX/pornography content is forbidden. No exceptions.

How directory listings can help your chatsite

First, there is the obvious benefit of recieving visitors from the directory itself. Website directories can be an excellent source of targeted visitors who are looking for your website. Unlike many forms of untargeted traffic such as pop ups, pop unders, and random flashing banners, visitors you recieve from relevant web directories are far more likely to stay on your site to participate or take action.

However, there are several other benefits that are not so obvious to many people. Having your website categorized in online directories can help search engines to learn what your site is about. Relevant outbound links to your website can have a dramatic affect on your search rankings. To use a simplified metaphor, imagine that websites linking to each other as a sort of "voting system". Each link to another page is like a "vote" of importance. Not all votes are considered equal, however. Votes from pages that are actually related in some way carry more weight.

Submit your website now for a two-pronged traffic boost

  • Get tons of direct traffic from the directory itself.
  • People browsing your category are more likely to find your website useful and return again later.
  • "Hints" to search engines what your website is really about.
  • Better classification in search engines means better search engine results.
  • Free hits to your website -- a great supplement to your current PPC campaign.
  • Great exposure on a highly optimized website targeting chat rooms.

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