Free Chat Rooms

While some chat sites charge for membership or access, free chat sites come without the premium fees. Some sites even allow you to chat without any form of member registration or allow guest logins with limited options. If you're looking for a quick and easy alternative to premium websites, free chats may be just what you're looking for.

Adult Chat Rooms

Although the term "adult" can be synonymous with explicit content, not all adult chats are exclusively dedicated to this type of communication. Many adult chat sites simply cater to a more mature crowd, fostering a forum for mature discussion. While communication is often more structured in this medium, at the same time the rules regarding language and content may be significantly less strict, due to the mature audience for which these chats are intended.

Teen Chat Rooms

If you're a teen or tween looking for friends or more online, teen chat rooms are a great way to meet others close to your own age. Many online teen communities require registration or strict moderation of policy to protect users. Of course, discretion is the best policy for protecting yourself online.

Webcam & Voice

Webcam chat services have become increasingly popular as internet speeds skyrocket. While some video chat services run on subscription fees (especially adult webcam sites), many free cam chat sites exist today, often tied with features typically found on social networking websites.

Religion & Spirituality

Sometimes you just want to talk to others who share the same belief system as yourself. Believe it or not, there are a number of chats aimed at Christians, Jews, Muslims, and other religious and spiritual denominations. You can even find chatrooms dealing in wicca, mysticism, magick, or psychic readings.

Dating & Romance

As the internet becomes more mainstream and further integrated into our lives, online dating becomes a more attractive option. Meeting people can become challenging in today's fast-paced world. Match making is increasingly popular as a way of finding compatible lovers. People are making more romantic connections through dating websites than ever before. Why not give love a chance? That special someone could be waiting for you.

Forums & Communities

Not to be outdone by live chat rooms, forums and online communities can be a great way to meet and communicate with others. Where as chat rooms typically center around the real time communication experience, forums and social networks tend to provide a more persistent online experience. Discussion tends to happen in a more persistent medium, where even people not present in real time when the discussion was started may participate later. As posts are persistent in that they are often accessible long after they are made, it can be easy to establish and gauge the personality of others by looking back at their post history. This can lend authenticity to the posts of users with a credible post history,